Trade Union & Social Dialogue

Division of Trade Union Affairs & Social Dialogue


The Bureau of Trade Union Affairs & Social Dialogue is the arm of the Ministry that coordinates the activities of the Social Partners, Trade Unions and Employer Organizations in the Labour sector.

This Bureau is supervised by an Assistant Minister with other employees that include Director, Assistant Director, Collective Bargaining Agreement Officer, Employees & Employers Desk Officer, Secretary, and Trade Union Inspector.


  • To coordinate, mediate, monitor and supervised the affairs and activities of Labour Unions, Employers, and Employer Organizations.
  • To promotes social Dialogue among the Social Partners
  • To ensure the adherence to the Labour Practices Law of Liberia through Social Dialogue among the Social Partners and maintain peace and harmony at all workplaces in Liberia.
  • To respond and mitigate strike actions throughout the various plantations and industrials company operating in Liberia.