Labour Standards



The Labour Standards Division is one of the departments of the Ministry of Labour headed and supervised by the Assistant Minister for Labour Standards.

This department has several sections that are also headed by directors. Just to name a few: Inspectorate, Legal Affairs, Workmen’s Compensation and Labour Relations.

The core function of this department is to ensure that standards are upheld within the functionaries of private sectors, public corporations, etc. as far as Labour is concerned.


This department has a large scope with focus on ensuring that labour standards are upheld; such as employment contracts are in keeping with the Decent Work Act (Labour Law) adjudication of Labour cases (disputes), representations of indigent complainants, payment of occupational injuries benefits, etc.


Labour Standards is to ensure that labour standards are upheld by fully compliance with the Decent Work Act by both employers and employees. This responsibility is carried out through the hearing and adjudication of labour cases, payment of just benefits in keeping with the Decent Work Act which protects both the employers and employees, etc.


All the sections under Labour Standards are of priority which emphasized Labour Relations being the nerve center of the department which handles all labour cases with four (4) hearing officers five (5) recording clerks and three (3) sheriffs who served assignments on parties, make returns form and the manner the assignments were served and summit same to the recording clerks who issued the assignment. At this stage, the hearing officer (quasi judge) to the case, thus finally rendered ruling which brings the case to conclusion at the Ministry of Labour. Dissatisfied party takes an exception and takes an appeal to National Labour Court for Judiciary Review.