The Ministry of Labour was created by a Peoples’ Redemption Council, PRC Decree No. 35 in 1981; Decree No. 35 repealed the Act creating the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Sports and amended the Executive Law to provide for a new chapter 34 which created the Ministry of Labour.

Principal Goals and Objectives

The principal goals and objectives of the Ministry are to:

  1. Promote Employment Opportunities;
  2. Promote Human Resource Development;
  3. Provide Leadership in Improving Working Conditions (Decent Work);
  4. Policy Development and Coordination;
  5. Administration of Labour Law;
  6. Enhancing Productivity; and
  7. Labour Market Information

 Senior Management Team

  1. Hon. Neto Zarzar Lighe, Sr. (Atty.) Minister 
  2. Hon. Augustine W. Williams  Deputy Minister for Administration
  3. Hon. Patrick M'bayo Deputy Minister for Planning & Manpower Development 
  4. Hon. Moriah Kou DwehdeYeakula Assistant Minister for Administration
  5. Hon. Richard F. Ngafuan Assistant Minister for Statistics & Research
  6. Hon. Atty. Marion N. Wreh Assistant Minister for Labour Standards
  7. Hon. Prince M. Korvah Assistant Minister for Regional Labour     Affairs
  8. Hon. Emmett M. Crayton Assistant Minister for Trade Union Affairs
  9. Mr. Darkina S. Cooper, Sr.Special Assistant to the Minister

Senior Staff

  • Mr. Augustine T. Bundor Director of Personnel
  • Mr.  Mathew F. Kotio Director of Finance/Comptroller
  • Mr. Oliver Sarnadeh Taylor Director for Research/Office of the Minister
  • Mr. Henry H. Kolison Director of GSO/Procurement
  • Ms. Gamaye Zephyr Director of Internal Audit
  • Mr. Nathaniel Dickerson Director of Labour Standards 
  • Mr.  Tennessee K. Charlie Director of Alien Registration
  • Mr. Thomas Kollie Director of Regional Labour Affairs
  • Mr. J. Kortu Nyandibo Director of Communications/Public Affairs  
  • Mr. Fred G. Gonkartee Director of Trade Union Affairs
  • Mr. Patrick Kenyor Director of Statistics & Research 
  • Mr. Paul Kerkula Director of Library & Documentation
  • Mr. Boakai M. Sirleaf Inspector General  
  • Mr. Toe E. Dahn Regional Coordinator/Regional Labour Affairs
  • Mr. George H. Saah National Coordinator/National Bureau of Employment
  • Mr. G. Aldohpus Satiah National Coordinator/Anti-Trafficking in Persons Secretariat
  • Ms. Patience Heah National Coordinator/National Commission on Child Labour
  • Mr. Jimmy F. Jimmie Director/HIV/AIDS at Work Place Project
  • Mrs. Emma Lawson Benson National Coordinator/HIV/AIDS at Work Place Project