Division of Alien Registration


As a mandate, the Division of Alien registration is responsible for the insurance of all Work Permit to Alien seeking employment in Liberia.


The Division of Alien Registration and Liberianization is responsible for;

  1.  The overall supervision of the Alien work permit.
  2.  The Process of registration, processing and issuance of work permits to aliens who seek employment within the borders of the Republic of Liberia.

This act is in conformity with section 1507 of the Labor Practices Law of Liberia which states that no employer shall employ an employee not a Liberian, unless such non-Liberian is in possession of a valid work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour.

The Division deals with Aliens classified into three different categories: Non-African Aliens, Non-ECOWAS African Aliens and ECOWAS Aliens. Three different types of work permits are issue to Alien; Gratis, Regular and ECOWAS.

Non-African Alien include Alien from outside of Africa, Non-ECOWAS Alien include Alien that are not from West Africa and ECOWAS Alien are those Alien that are from the ECOWAS states.